Electrical Security System Faults And Fixes

An electrical security system is an instant and a better way to protect your house and family.  But it’s an alarming situation if the security system fails for some reason. Fortunately, you can prevent your breach of privacy with some easy fixes. We have listed down the five most common problems that occur in the electrical security system and the ways to fix them. 

Incomplete Home Coverage

The foremost situation where the security system lacks is due to limited surveillance. Most homeowners just cover the main entrances and hallway of the house due to attractive cost packages, that electrical service providers quote. Or they do not consider protecting every corner of the house. 

You should not be lenient towards your house security for the sake of cheap packages.  Be wise to select a reliable security system that is not easy to break into. Make sure that the system covers every possible access inside. Balconies, terrace, windows, back doors, garage, every main entrance, and any area that is out of sight.  Also, ensure that the whole property is covered with security sensors to detect any unusual movement. 

Aleco Electric is a reliable service that provides the best home security system at the best rates. If you are looking for an Electrician in North California, you should opt for Aleco Electric. 

Improperly Calibrated Sensors

Usually, sensors are set according to the daily house routine. For instance, if any household has a pet or children in the house, the alarms are set off for light movements and any tries to get inside the house, mainly in the daytime. Intruders are quite aware of these reasons and barge right inside when the security system is commonly set off.  

Ensure that your security system is not set too low and is highly responsive to any unusual movements. Have your system installed by a professional and make sure to check every sensor and other equipment is functioning properly. If you notice false alarms happening without any reason, it might need a service. Maintain the system well to avoid such mishaps.

Compatibility Issues With Home Security Systems

The most common mistake homeowners make is getting different parts of the system from different vendors due to budget issues or trying to save some bucks. Hence the parts end up being incompatible with each other and creating a weak security system or faults in the system. To avoid this situation, you might need to get additional parts to connect the different parts. Prevent this mess by investing in a reliable system advisably bought from the same dealer. 

Incomplete Alarm Cover From Security Cameras

 Another common problem that could be associated with the security system is limited coverage.  A camera with restricted surveillance might put your safety at stake. Limited coverage might not set up an alarm when some unfortunate activity happens in an uncovered area. So, it is highly advised to install a camera that is wide-angle or install a camera at such a place where the whole place is visible. 

Vulnerable Security Systems

A weak and unencrypted system can be a major fault in your home security system. This makes your system easily crawlable for hackers. They can break into your system and keep a check on all the video recordings and also manipulate the system to control the camera and sensors by themselves. 

Experiencing False Alarms

An incorrectly installed alarm can raise the problem of false alarms. These false alarms can be triggered by any sound or slightly open window or even leaves or twigs falling from the trees on the windows or any entrance. This problem is annoying for most of the owners and they switch the alarm off to prevent this. However, it is not the correct but a risky solution.  A reliable way to prevent false alarms is to get them properly installed by a professional. There regular maintenance and inspection for any faults are also mandatory to have them working smoothly. 

Security System Lacks Regular Maintenance

This is the easiest way to avoid most problems with the security system. Regular inspection and maintenance of the security system are necessary. Schedule a regular appointment with a security company for the checkup of every part of the security system. Neglecting the regular maintenance of your security system can put you and your loved ones at a risk.  


Now that you are well aware of the common problems with the security systems and the reasons behind them, you should get them repaired if you have any and maintain a regular upkeep routine to make your house and your loved ones safe. You can do the common repairs by yourself but if you are unaware of any process you should not try to take the repair into your hands. Call professional electrical repair service. If you are looking for an electrician in North California, Aleco Electric will provide you with the best repair service. They have a professional team, experienced in multiple types of electrical repairs and new installations.

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