Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date

Studio Pierrot is well known for a few overall famous anime series, and one of them is likewise a Japanese manga series known as the Baby Steps, published on April 6, 2014, on NHK Educational TV Network. The series was made by Katsuhiko Chiba, while Masahiko Murata is the director of the respective series. Season 2 quickly trailed the first as it was taken up again on September 9, 2014, and got published on April 5, 2015, after one year. For several years fans have been waiting for Baby Steps Season 3. Will it come back? Will the fans be able to save it? Keep going through the article Know.

Summary of Baby Steps

Eiichirō Maruo, the center figure of the story is a fine student as he observes all the rules. Discovering that Natsu Takasaki (who attends the same school and is in the same year as Eiichirō Maruo) has joined the Southern Tennis Club, he decides to join it as well. Shortly after joining he starts getting to know her and discovers that she is just an ordinary girl who has had a deep love for tennis from an early age. Ultimately he is drawn towards her and begins liking her but the problem he faces is how to get her attention. From a very early age, Natsu Takasaki has been learning and playing tennis, while Eiichirō Maruo is nowhere near as experienced as her. To top it off his rivals are players with sufficient experience and skill. He uses his intelligence to find a solution. He started to see the game from another angle by learning the maneuvers and strategies of his rivals. He does this in order to understand their ‘game plan’ as he realizes this is the only way for him to win against them. Soon enough, this strategy of his gets recognized by people around him and they can help him out.

Baby Steps Season 3: Resumed Or Called Off?

With regards to resuming or calling off of Baby Steps Season 3, there has been no official announcement from Studio Pierrot. This leaves many questions unanswered by the eager fans that have been waiting for so long. However, the word on the street is that the anime series might be called off. The basis of these rumors is that back in 2017; Kondasha called off the Baby Steps series although it was being sold pretty well back in 2017.

A MAL remark uncovered that the publishing organization pointlessly terminated mangaka Hikaru Katsuki. The analyst proceeded to say that the manga was dropped in light of the fact that Weekly Shonen needed to change genres. This comes out to be unfair to the writer just as the readers since the story was not finished and could possibly proceed for a couple of more years. While none of this has been affirmed by any authoritative source, the sudden finish to Baby Steps is as yet stunning for its fans.

Presently that the manga has finished, the odds for the arrival of Baby Steps Season 2 have likewise been diminished. More often than not, studios produce anime adaptations just to advance their source material. Moreover, Baby Steps’ subsequent season was greenlit exactly.

when its manga’s deals were at the pinnacle. Keeping in mind, there is no content as of such to promote, Baby Steps Season 3 will be difficult to get producers.

However, thinking about the popularity of the franchise, the reestablishment of another season is likely. Since enough fans are fighting for the continuation, Pierrot or some other studio may take a risk. Thus, there is still an expectation for Baby Steps Season 3.

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